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Chelsey Simons, BBCI, CD(DONA)

A little peek into our lives when we did a gender reveal of our little tie breaker due January 2018!

About Your Instructor

I've been a birth worker for over 5 years, first as a doula certified through DONA International and currently as a childbirth instructor certified through Birth Boot Camp.  I chose to  get involved in the birth world after giving birth to my first child and was able to act on that decision after the birth of my second.  Now that I have a step daughter and another sweet baby I'm all the more committed to helping women from all walks of life to prepare for and get the birth experience they desire.

I went into the labor and birth of my first two children ill prepared for the natural birth I wanted.  Thankfully I had a wonderful doula and was able to have two wild and beautiful birth experiences in a hospital setting with out any interventions beyond the nurses insisting I deliver in bed. For my most recent pregnancy I was able to deliver at the Birth Center in Baton Rouge with a midwife and doula.  This sweet boy was by far my most difficult labor and I'm grateful for my amazing birth team but also for the knowledge I gained through my childbirth class education.  My husband actually attended the last class I taught before the birth of our son so we were both well prepared!  And now happy to announce that we're expecting my 4th, his 3rd and our 5th (and final) baby in early January!

I believe that knowledge is power ESPECIALLY when it comes to pregnancy, labor and birth.  When you know better you do better and I thoroughly enjoy helping couples get the knowledge they need to make informed decisions in their quest to have the birth experience they desire.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions as well as to click on the Birth Boot Camp graphic to the left of this paragraph. It will take you to the home website of Birth Boot Camp where you can find my credentials as  well as answers to any questions you may have.