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Food and Fitness:

A Program for the Childbearing Year


The Food and Fitness Class is focused on helping you have an amazing pregnancy. This isn’t a birth class. This class is a tool to help you prepare for a great pregnancy by starting early and focusing on nutrition, exercise, and postpartum.  It is recommended to be taken prior to your 20th week but can be taken at any time during your childbearing adventure.

Is the Birth Boot Camp Food and Fitness Class and Workbook right for you?

This program helps women build a great physical foundation for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Topics include nutrition, kegels, exercise, and postpartum. The 50-page workbook can be read cover to cover, or used as a reference.

This class is taught as a group or private class.

Group classes are $75 per couple and includes 1 workbook and a local resource guide plus more!

Private classes are $125 and includes 1 workbook and a local resource guide plus more!

Workbook can be purchased separately for $39. 95.

This class runs 3 to 4 hours.