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The Birth Boot Camp REBOOT Refresher Course is a 3 hour prenatal course for couples who have already experienced birth and just need a refresher on what to expect and how to cope. We highlight areas that mom and your partner may need to review regarding labor and postpartum. It is not a crash course or a condensed Birth Boot Camp class.

  •  It gives you a chance to focus on this baby and this pregnancy. Each birth deserves that dedicated time!
  •  The Reboot Refresher gives you a chance to discuss your fears, concerns, questions and events of your last birth. Often couples find that they had things to discuss they never realized they did.
  •  The Reboot Refresher helps you connect with other people in a similar life situation. As you add children and get busier, this can get harder and harder.
  •  There is always more to learn! Even people who have welcomed many children and studied extensively can forget things and can relish the opportunity to learn more.
  •  A focused time for learning like the Reboot Refresher forces you to carve out some time for this birth. This is harder and harder to do as life moves forward and gets busier, but it is never more important than during pregnancy!

We recommend that the couples are at 30 to 36 weeks when they take this course. The course includes a 20-page REBOOT Refresher Course booklet and the time allows for a lot of question and answers. Group sessions or private classes can be set-up, depending on demand. If you have any questions, please contact me for more information. Want more information about the REBOOT Refresher Course from Birth Boot Camp? Just click on the picture to the left.

This class runs approximately 3 hours and can be done as a group or a private class.

Groups of 2-4 couples are $75 for each couple and includes 1 workbook, a local resource guide and much more.

Private class is $125 and includes 1 workbook, a local resource guide and much more.

Reboot Refresher

Childbirth Course

Why should you take a Reboot Refresher class          when you've already been to this rodeo ?

Been there? Done that? Just need a refresher?